Why Yoga of Awakening?

The ancient yoga journey to awaken to the divine is alive in each and every one of us.  We are all being called into an epic journey of transformation much the same way an acorn is inextricably drawn to become an oak tree.

Is some part of you longing for more in life?  Are you feeling flat with your spiritual practices or longing for a more juicy experience of the Mystery of being alive?  Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, sadness, or ennui, confusion and restlessness even in the midst of doing lots of yoga?   What if this deep sensitivity to the underlying discomfort at the center of your being is a sign that you have evolved on your spiritual journey to a place where you are ripe for awakening? What if you are at the threshold of your own heroic journey of awakening to all of who you are?

Yoga of Awakening is an integration of somatic exercises, shadow work, consciousness explorations and a supportive community of awake and awakening beings.  It is informed by the work of Waking Down in Mutuality, Hatha Yoga, and indigenous Earth-based spirituality.  The goal of this work is to support and guide you into your own full, embodied conscious awakening — one that includes your humanity and your divinity.

Through Yoga of Awakening you will receive the guidance you require to navigate your own personal heroic journey in the company of others who can hold sacred space for your tender, emerging Self.

Awakening ultimately leads you to a more authentic experience of yourself and an ever-present sense of fundamental wellbeing.

To get started you can set up a private, free 20 minute session by phone with Geri.  Or join the “Introduction to Yoga of Awakening” course at Yoga Del Mar in Southern California (www.yogadelmar.com).  For those with previous experience in Waking Down in Mutuality we offer monthly meetings on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month.  For more information contact Geri Portnoy geri@yogadelmar.com.

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