The 30 Minute Yogi Downloadable Instructional Yoga Videos

This is the signature program which has helped hundreds of people find deeper authenticity, radical freedom and vibrant aliveness in the midst of everyday life.
Are you looking for a way to integrate your yoga practice into your everyday life, to make each moment more real and meaningful and a gateway to your own spiritual awakening?
This course is for you if
    • Are you a busy professional who loves yoga, but can’t always make it to the studio?
    • Would you like to do more yoga at home, but want to make sure your practice is still fundamentally sound?
    • Would you like to have immediate, on-demand access to yoga videos so you could , clear your mind, and get centered anytime you want, from wherever you are in under 30 minutes?

The 30 Minute Yogi video set has everything you need as a busy person to get centered, balanced and grounded for those days you just don’t make it to the yoga studio.

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