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    The ancient yoga journey to awaken

Welcome to Yoga of Awakening!

Is some part of you longing for more in life? Are you feeling flat with your spiritual practices or longing for a more juicy experience of the mystery of being alive? Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, sadness, ennui, confusion or restlessness even in the midst of an otherwise fantastic life?   Maybe you’ve tried other yoga programs, read self-help books and done some spiritual practice and achieved a greater state of well-being and health and now those other practices leave you feeling empty, numb or exhausted — they just don’t draw you in like they used to.   If so, perhaps you are now at a new threshold in your evolutionary process and ready to embark on your own heroic journey of awakening to your wholeness.

Yoga of Awakening is a proven path to finally find what you’ve been searching for- – to care for your body, wake up your heart and find the peace and well being that is your birthright. The goal of this work is to support and guide you into your own full, embodied conscious awakening — to rediscover the deep authenticity, radical freedom and vibrant aliveness of your being.

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