Welcome to Deepening the Journey – Lesson 3

As you know this awakening process is “disruptive” there’s a falling away (rot) of old ways of being, cherished parts of life and old outdated strategies for survival. . .   it can be quite tumultuous.

Amidst the chaos there are new tendrils of growth emerging in the depth of your Being. I invite you to continue to look for what’s old and falling away, what’s new and blossoming forth, and what’s unchanging.  In this next lesson, we’ll be diving deeper into that last piece, — exploring the fundamental unchanging ground of Being — the part of the awakening process called “waking-up.”

This can provide great nourishment, support, and stability to hold lovingly the changes you are going through.

To support your continued growth, there will be a bonus session of our group meeting on Wednesday, January 6th 2016, at Cheryl’s house @ 6:30pm (please add that to your calendar!).


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Being Aware of Awareness Practice   (practice for everyday life)

1.     Notice when you are gripped by thinking “Ordinary Mind”

2.     Pause for a moment and “unhook” from thinking mind, move your local mind down into your body instead.

3.     Feel your breath and welcome any sensation to be here in your body. . .

4.     Notice how you are witnessing (with Subtle Mind) your breath and the sensation in your body

5.     Send awareness out into the corner of the room to look back at yourself to find the source of awareness.  This is sometimes called the “backward step” instead of looking out at the world, have awareness turn back on itself to see awareness itself.

To get more clarity on step #5 watch:   (awareness of awareness meditation 4 min)

6. LISTEN to “Awake Awareness Glimpse Practice” found HERE

·      As you did the practice above describe your experience.  Were there any places you got “stuck?”   What happened when awareness looked back at itself in step #5?

·      Have you ever had a glimpse of awake awareness, the open vast field of fundamental consciousness?  What was that like?  How would you describe it?  What caused you to stop noticing it?