Welcome to Deepening the Journey in Mutual Awakening Lesson #2


This is a whole being awakening process.  One where every aspect of our being is touched, awakened to, and integrated.  We not only wake up to know the unchanging ground of our Awake Awareness, the part of ourselves that is unchanging, unbroken, infinite, timeless, and feels like a peaceful reprieve from the constant flux of life.

We also wake up to know all the changing elements of ourselves — thoughts, feelings, sensations, behaviors, and life itself.

There are two main currents to awakening

1) Waking up

2) Growing up.

The more aware we become, the more “younger” less developed, unconscious, unintegrated parts of ourselves can be seen, felt, held, loved, and ultimately “evolve” grow up and integrate into our wholeness.

We also grow up in terms of advanced stages of human development. In the video below, Robert Kegan from Harvard, describes three stages of adult human development.

It’s been said that 70% of the human population is living at a stage of adolescence. Old, but not yet grown up developmentally which can create challenges in relationships interpersonally, and also globally.

This course is designed to move the needle of your own development by providing the ideal conditions of safety, love, and guidance to help you evolve in your own life.

This course is also designed to be a container of transmission to help you awaken to know the “unchanging” ground of your being. The Awake Awareness that provides a peaceful refuge in the midst of an ever-changing ground of Life.

This lesson is focused on Growing Up and in the next Lesson #3, we’ll focus on Waking Up.  Ultimately to live a whole life of well being is to be both mature and awake.

A. Watch

B. Read

Download and read the entire lesson #2 HERE

C. Journal

What level of adult development do you find yourself resonating with from the video?

What do you now “see” as an object in your field of awareness that used to be “hidden” and merged in the background?

What do you feel at the “edges” of your stage of development calling you into the next stage.  In other words, what’s working where you are?

And what’s no longer working ready to fall away?

And what’s just emerging and calling you forward — it’s usually unknown, but felt in some way (perhaps you are ready to view conflict in a new way of opportunity, but not quite there yet)?

What are you doing to sustain and support yourself while you are going through this awakening and transformational process?  good food?  rest?  yoga?  nourishing activities?  lots of love?

Take good care of yourself!

D. Practice

Continue to explore sitting meditation and noticing what arises and making a home for it.

In conversations with other people continue to explore noticing what you feel when you are with them.  And if it feels alive for you, bring your awareness into the center of the conversation to be able to be present to them and your own experience at the same time.

Notice if you leave a conversation with residual energy — a sign that something is unresolved in you.  Take time to be with that energy inside of you, get curious, and give yourself radical permission to feel what you feel.